Mrs. Smith's Grade 1 Class

Math Makes Sense

The Math program we use is Math Makes Sense.  We explore mathematics using a variety of strategies, including whole group, centers and individual practice.  We use a variety of manipulatives to help us explore the topics that we are learning about. Our units and a few ways to help your child learn each topic are listed below.

  Grade 1 Units

Unit 1 - Sorting and Patterning
  • Sort laundry or groceries
  • Go on a pattern hunt in your house
Unit 2- Number Relationships
  • Play "I Spy" with numbers
  • Practice estimating using small groups of toys
Unit 3- Time, Temperature and Money
  • Make a family calendar, talk about family schedule
  • Examine a collection of coins. Ask your child to identify them.
Unit 4- Adding and Subtracting
  • Have your child practice adding and subtracting using small objects like buttons
  • Play a hiding game with 10 objects - take away a few and ask how many are missing. Take turns.
Unit 5- Data Management and Probabilty
  • Do a family survey of favourite vegetables
  • Talk about things you always, sometimes, or never do.
Unit 6 - 3D and 2D shapes
  • Look for 2D and 3D shapes in the neighbourhood.
  • Play Simon Says with positional language. (ie. take 5 steps back, put your hand behind your back etc.)
Unit 7 - Number Patterns
  • Find things that come in pairs like shoes and count them together
  • Use pennies and count them by 2's, 5's, and 10's
Unit 8 - Linear Measurement and Area
  • Use an object like a straw and measure the height of your family members
  • Choose a unit, like a straw, and find things that are longer, shorter and the same length
Unit 9 - 2D Geometry
  • Look through magazines and cut out squares, triangles, circles and rectangles and make pictures with them.
  • Make a chart showing what you do every half hour. Notice the hands on the clock.
Unit 10- Place Value and Addition and Subtraction
  • Use 30-50 small objects like beans and ask your child to count them by making groups of 10.
  • Estimate how many objects in a bin (ex. legos in a toy bin) and count them 2 different ways (by 2's and 10's)
Unit 11-Mass and Capacity
  • Collect objects and hold them in your hands to estimate which is heavier and which is lighter.
  • Experiment with water or rice and different size containers.  Compare how much each container holds.