Mrs. Smith's Grade 1 Class

Language Activities and  Games

Road to Reading - Play games and listen to stories to earn your lisence in Clifford's Road to Reading
Starfall Reading - activities and games to practice reading
Primary Games - variety of reading games
PBS Kids Go- variety of educational games
ISpy - practice listening skills and learn vocabulary by playing this fun I Spy game
ICanRead - listen and read a sentence and then answer a question about it

Letters and Letter Sounds
Alphabet Game - game from Read Write Think
SkyRiding - Letter recognition game from PBS
Fuzzy Lion - Beginning Sounds game from PBS
Chicken Coop - Beginning sounds game
The Hula Pool - Ending sounds game
Swings - Ending sounds game
Letter Match - beginning sounds game from Read Write Think
Phoneme Pop - listen to the sound and pop all of the bubbles with the letter that makes that sound
Clifford Sound Match
pbd fishing game - game to help with the confusion between these letters
Monkey Match - match upper and lower case letters and sounds from PBS
Reading Rover's Sound Match - click the picture that doesn't start with the same sound

Clifford - Make a Word Game
PBS Chicken Stacker - game for each short vowel sound
Literactive - short vowels game
Spark Island -choose the correct short vowel sound to complete the word
Long Vowels
Picture Match - short vowel game from Read Write Think
Picture Match - long vowel game from Read Write Think
See 'n' Spell - Short vowel game
See 'n' Spell - Long vowel game
Picture Pick - Practice reading short a words

BBC - games about rhyming, letter sounds and spelling
Sesame Street - Grover's rhyming game
Rhyming Rap - practice rhyming skills
Super Why - Freeze Dance Rhyming
Meet the Gang- rhyming game
Dub Cubs - PBS Kids word family game
Red's Rhyme and Roll - PBS Superwhy
Make Time to Rhyme - rhyme with Elmo and Hoot

Word Wall Words
Spelling City - play games with our weekly word wall words
Fishing for Word Wall Words
Star Words - sight word game
Memory - sight word memory game from Literactive
Treasure Island - find sight words in the puzzle
Dinosaur Eggs - sight word game
Room 108 - Dolch word games
Catch the Words - Grade 1 dolch list
Catch the Words - Kindergarten dolch list
Kidsspell - variety of spelling games- can create a list and play the games using your own spelling words!!

Blending Sounds
BBC Word Blender Game
Spelling game - practice sounding out 3 letter words
CVC Machine - practice reading 3 letter words
Hanging Monkeys - practice reading 3 letter words
Word World - practice sounding out simple words
PBS Kids - sound out words and build a super hero
Starfall - word chunks activity
Professor Garfield - Blending Sounds games
Hayloft - another blending sounds game from professor Garfield
Wild West Phonics - fill in the missing sounds in the words
Read Write Think - Construct a Word
Blending Bowl - blending sounds game from PBS
Word Wizard - from Read Write Think, listen to the clue and then spell a word

The Front Page - Building simple sentences
PBS Kids - Silly Sentence Machine
The Game Show - finish the sentence
Roy the Zebra - add periods to the sentences
Roy the Zebra - add the capital to the beginning of the sentence
Roy the Zebra - Does it make sense?
Harcourt - Sentence Builder- edit simple sentences
Story it - build sentences with magentic words - can choose to focus on words with short or long vowel sounds
Magnetic Sentences - unscramlbe the magnets to make a sentence
Super Why - Storybook Creator

Math Activities and Games

Primary Games - variety of math games
2learnabc - variety of math games

Number Sense
Counting game
Count Us in Games - ABC Learn
Pauly's Playhouse - Counting Cheese
Ten Frames Game - Illuminations
Fact Monster - Ordinal Number Game
Harcourt Math - game to practice addition to 6
Harcourt Math - addition and subtraction practice
Fun4theBrain- several games to practice addition
Fun4theBrain- several games to practice subtraction
Give the Dog a Bone - practice numbers using 100 chart
TVO kids - money game
APlusMath - addition hidden picture game
Snakes and Ladders - addition and subtraction game
Counting by 2's - connect the dots
Alien Addition
Bug Addition - count the bugs in this addition game
Little Animals Acitivity Center- Ladybug Addition
Balloon Pop - addition game
Penguin Party - addition game- choose from several difficulty levels
Penguin Party - Subtraction game - many difficulty levels to choose from
Add it up!
Jetski Addition - from Arcademic Skill Builders website - the faster you answer the questions, the faster your jetski  will go!
Minus Mission - practice subtraction with this game from the Arcademic Skill Builders website
SplatsSquare - explore number patterns on this 100 chart
Skip Counting Game - choose what you would like to practice counting by
Calculator Skip Counting -
Count by 2's
Bridge Doubles - practice doubling numbers to get across the bridge

Interactive Clock - form Amblewood
Telling Time game
What Time is it? game from Primary Games
Harcourt Math - Time to the half hour
Harcourt Math - practice measuring with paperclips
Exploring Measurement

Primary Games - Pattern Mania
Crickweb- patterning game
Learning Today - Patterning game
Copycat Jack - colour patterns

TVO - Ellen's Acres - sort objects
Clifford - help Emily Elizabeth sort
Sesame Street - sort Bert's Bottlecaps

Cyberchase - create a bar graph
Harcourt - Let's Graph

Storyplace - Shape search
Harcourt -Match the Shapes to the outlines
Pauly's Playhouse - Shape search
Loading Shapes - 3D shape game from Harcourt Math
Interactive Stuff - concentration game - match the name of the shape to the picture of the shape

Science Activities and Games

Primary Games - variety of science games
Story Place Seasonal Clothing Activity
Sesame Street - Zoe's Silly Seasons
National Geographic Kids
Human and Animal Senses
Float or Sink?
Recycling with Alfonso
Exploring the 5 Senses - read about, or watch a video about each sense
Sense-ational! -
Habitat Matching Game - Magic School Bus from Scholastic

Social Studies

Cyberchase - following a map game
What's my job? - Community Helpers
Mapping Game - Can  you follow the directions and get where you need to go on the map?

Online Stories
Aersop's Fables
A Fish with a Wish- a scholastic online story
Storyline - stories read by members of the Screen Actors Guild
Kindersite - list of online stories
Sesame Street - weekly ebooks available to read online and to listen to online

Arthur's Supermarket Game - learn about the food groups
Team Nutrition - My Food Pyramid Blast Off Game