Mrs. Smith's Grade 1 Class


  • the main message, the content
  • use pictures and words to make the message clear
  • stick to one topic 
  • use details to make the main idea more interesting


  • Voice of the writer comes through the words
  • Choose topics that are meaningful/personal to them

    Begin to think about the audience - who is going to read the writing?

Sentence Fluency

  • the rhythm and flow of the writing
  • write complete sentences 
  • Use different kids of sentences 
  • read writing aloud to listen for fluency


  • put details in an order that makes sense
  • begin to use interesting introductions 
  • begin to write interesting conclusions

Word Choice

  • the use of rich, colourful, precise language
  • Use sensory words in writing
  • Look for and learn new words and use them in writing
  • Use words to help the reader "picture" what is written


  • Use spaces between words
  • Use capitals and periods

    Spell Word Wall Words correctly


  • the visual aspect of the writing
  • Is the writing neat and tidy?
  • Does the work have a title?
  • Are pictures  used?